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Regina Police Service at 1717 Osler Street in Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina Police Service in 1717 Osler Street, Saskatchewan: reviews, opening times, drive directions, photos, contacts etc.

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Phone: +1 306-777-6500


1717 Osler Street,
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 3W3
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Reviews about Regina Police Service

  • Shelley Wilson
    1 /5
    This low rating is for this incident only. I can't speak to the police department in general since I no longer live there. I just watched the news clip regarding issuance of a seat-belt ticket to a man who unbuckled his belt briefly to grab change for a panhandler. No persons shall, while on a median, traffic island or traffic control device, solicit a person who is in or on a moving, stopped, standing or parked vehicle. I interpret this bylaw as it is written: it's illegal to ask for money from people anywhere near a vehicle while on parts of the street; funnily enough, it doesn't mention the actual driving lane itself. According to my interpretation, I could stand in the middle of the street with a sign that doesn't specifically ask for donations and neither the driver nor I would be breaking the law - I am not clearly asking for money and the driver didn't undo his seat belt. The bylaw states that those who are asking for money are breaking the law. But wait, panhandling isn't illegal. But wait, Mr. Rusk was at the red light and wasn't in a moving vehicle when he unbuckled and buckled up. Is stopping at a red light, waiting in neutral, maybe even turning the car off because it was a very long light considered operating a vehicle, therefore the belts have to be on at all times; or is operating a vehicle only when the vehicle is moving so his brief moment of being unbuckled while waiting for the light wouldn't be ticketed; or is it just being in a vehicle with the intent to drive? I was unable to find the exact wording of the seat belt bylaw, so if the bylaw specifically explains what is considered operating a vehicle, I apologize. However, it does support my argument that the bylaws (all written material, for that matter) are prone to different interpretations. So tell me, what's the line between legal and illegal since there may be several interpretations of the same bylaw? Good drivers are losing $178+, the panhandlers' are losing a large part their source of income (do you think people are going to risk a ticket to help someone?) Less money earned by the less fortunate means the need for more government funding to help support marginalized people. The police department is paying wages to uphold an unbelievably self-defeating bylaw. And now, Regina is going be to have a bad reputation because her police department enforces unfair, illogical bylaws. How much of a service are you providing here? How many law abiding safe drivers are you going fine? How does giving inane fines and spending a ridiculous amount tax payers money to man this operation make the streets safer? Maybe the revenue from citations given to law abiding citizens is more than what it costs to man the operation so it pays for itself. If that's the case, shame on you. Nobody wins here. Regards, Shelley Wilson
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About Regina Police Service in Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina Police Service is located at 1717 Osler Street, Regina, Saskatchewan.